Garage Door Parts: The Essential Guide

Garage door parts all come together to form the sliding door system that’s secures our garage keeping our car and other possessions safe from the elements and also secure from intruders. Because of this, it s imperative that you understand the components that go into this underrated asset of most homes. This will allow you to properly source the garage door parts you need for any repair, replacement or new installation needs.

Though the garage door is a seemingly simple apparatus that many of us take for granted through everyday usage, it actually is a refined system of springs, rollers, panels all relying on torsioned counterbalance to maintain its position. Years of research, trial and error and engineering have refined the garage door to where it is now: an efficient, unobtrusive system that serves it purpose reliably.

So let’s discuss the various garage door parts and what they do.

Garage Door Parts

Garage Door Panels: The panels are the most obvious part of the the door and hold the most interest to people since they provide the aesthetic to the door. Garage door panels are available most commonly in aluminum or wood. Wood provides a little more insulation if that is a need of the garage and also can appeal to people more in terms of a sense of quality. Aluminum serves it’s purpose though an is often more affordable than wooden garage door panels.

Garage Door Rollers: These allow the door to raise and lower efficiently and quickly. Most garage door rollers are made of either metal or hard plastic. They are usually quite hardy and don’t often need replacement. Basic maintenance for your garage door rollers is important though to keep them functioning smoothly and quietly. The bearings should be oiled at least once a year depending on usage. This is easily accomplished and only takes a few minutes worth of time but will potentially extend the life of your garage door.

Garage Door Cable Drums: These can fail occasionally an often wear out in the center of the hole which makes opening an closing difficult. This can lead to damage of the entire door unit. Check your drums at least once a year for excessive wear and should be replaced by a trained garage door maintenance professional.

Garage Door Torsion Springs: As described in the garage door torsion spring guide,these are essential to the garage door. A broken coil will be obvious and require replacement for the continued operation of the unit.

Garage Door Track: This is the rail that the door and rollers travel up and down in. The rollers are held within the track and hold them in place, guiding the door as it travels up and down. The garage door track doesn’t usually require replacement unless bending occurs which wold likely only happen from an impact such as the car hitting it.

Garage Door Keypad: Not every garage door has a keypad the ones that do usually have it mounted on the outside of the garage for the convenience of opening it for pedestrian access to the garage. The garage door keypad is exposed to the elements and therefore can deteriate over time. Replacement is usually preferred to repair since it may be cheaper and easier to do so.

Garage Door Motor: This varies greatly for each unit and can offer different levels of horsepower and sound levels amongst other traits. There is a great variety in pricing with the cheaper ones usually generating more noise and providing less power. A broken garage door motor can be repaired by a professional service technician locally or covered by a manufacturers warranty depending on the model.

Garage Door Curtains: Curtains are an unusual addition but if properly installed can provide a great and unique stylish flair to an otherwsie utilitarian space. Try some chevron print curtains for something really funky.

There are many other smaller parts that make up the garage door such as the remote, cable and various bolts and rivets but the above are the most important elements that make up the unit. Keep these in mind when sourcing your next model or repairing your current one.

Warning: Replacing garage door parts, particularly torsion springs, can be extremely hazardous since they are under a tremendous amount of tension. Releasing this tension without proper training, instruction or without the aid of a professional garage door replacement expert can potentially result in injury or even death. We at encourage you to seek the professional services provided by this site to aid you in your next garage door parts replacement project and make sure your products adhere to the standards sety forth by the US Government.